About us


Some time ago in the mid-twentieth century, a teacher from the southern part of Croatia (Dalmatia) moved to Motovun. His name was Miho Sviličić. His love for dogs, gastronomy, and nature was passed on to his son Davor.

The love for the white and black truffle enveloped Davor from his childhoood through adulthood. Soon enough, his wife and three sons accepted it as a way of life, and they share his passion to this day.
Since Miho arrived Motovun, this family has raised more than thirty dogs that are succesfully trained for truffle hunting.

At the moment, there are three dogs ready to show you what truffle hunting is all about. We also offer a unique gastronomy tasting adventure and various truffle products. We invite you to join us and experience truffle hunting first hand.

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