Dog training

As soon as the puppy stops nursing from their mother and starts eating solid food, the training begins. It is very important for the puppy to enjoy the training, to have fun also, and not to take it too serious just yet.

In the training, the first step is to mix tiny pieces of truffle or truffle oil into their food, so as to enable the puppy learn how a truffle tastes and smells like. Next step is hiding the truffles throughout his living space. Hiding it in simple places is crucial, and later on, they can then be buried underground.

When the dog learns to find a truffle a feet underground, at that point, we are ready to go truffle hunting.

Even though this process seems very simple, it is not. Sometimes, it takes years for the dog to learn what truffle hunting is all about, and that is why we often use older trained dogs to be a part of teaching.